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  • aria WiFi Smart Scale, White[FB201W]

    aria WiFi Smart Scale, White
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    aria WiFi Smart Scale, White by Fitbit



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    • Description

      Know where you stand. Get where you want to be.

      With the Fitbit Aria scale, you'll have an accurate picture of your long term weight trends by tracking your weight, % body fat and body mass index (BMI) over time.

      The Aria scale is a high-end performance scale that measures weight, % body fat, and BMI. With a few clicks of easy setup, Aria will upload directly to your home wireless network and sync your information automatically each time you step on the scale. And why keep your favorite device to yourself? You can invite up to 7 household members to set up an account. While you get better acquainted with your stats, Aria will automatically recognize you from the others in your household.

      Fitbit's online tools and apps provide a complete weight management system. Weight management begins first with understanding where you stand by tracking your weight, % body fat, and BMI with charts and graphs over time to see weight trends. To keep you motivated, Fitbit has designed a host of online tools, like food and fitness logging, badges to earn, the option to connect and share progress with friends, and the ability to set, track and achieve your weight goals.

      All information is defaulted to private; however, you can select your own settings for your Aria stats by going to your device's privacy settings on

      What if all your health metrics were in one place, accessible through your smartphone or online? With Fitbit, you can create one central hub to easily capture, analyze and understand your everyday health. Fitbit also integrates over a dozen popular apps like LoseIt, Runkeeper, and Endomondo. Fitbit is committed to delivering simple, innovative health and fitness products and services that fit seamlessly into people's lives to inspire every day change. Fitbit products help people lead healthier, more active lives by giving them the tools to become more aware, more motivated and more fit every day.

      • Uploads wirelessly
        Effortlessly uploads to
      • Tracks weight, % body fat, and more
        Tracks weight, % body fat, and BMI
      • Multi-User
        Recognizes up to 8 users
      • Easy setup
        Ready in minutes, Aria is easy to set up and connect online
      • Free web and mobile apps
        Access your free account with Fitbit's free web, iPhone, and Android apps
      • Charts and Graphs
        Set weight goals, log food, and workouts with free online tools. Track trends to see or analyze progress.
      • Connect and Share
        Connect with friends and family for support or to compete.
      • Badges
        Earn badges to celebrate weight management achievements.
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