Made In

12" Blue Carbon Steel Wok

Model Number:
8.00 lbs

Made In's Carbon Steel combines the heat retention of cast iron with the control and maneuverability of Stainless Clad, resulting in a natural non stick alternative. To craft the Wok, French artisans stamp Carbon Steel into a thin disc that’s half the weight of cast iron but every bit as durable. It seasons faster, responds quicker, and is light enough for tossing.

This means you can achieve wok hei, a signature smoky flavor that’s essential to Chinese wok cooking, and use less oil for healthy weeknight stir-fry.

Instead of a traditional rounded base, the Wok has a flat bottom perfected for home stoves including induction, gas and electric. Its conical shape provides maximum heat contact so you can caramelize sauce in an instant and sear proteins at extreme heat. See how this chef-loved pan will replace cast iron as your favorite kitchen heirloom.

  • Experience Carbon Steel performance the the heat retention of cast iron
  • This carbon steel wok is half the weight of cast iron but every bit as durable
  • Conical shape supports maximum heat contact to caramelize and sear
  • Responds quicker than cast iron and rugged enough for the grill or open flame
  • Flat bottom design is great for a variety of stovetop types
  • Naturally nonstick so you use less oil for healthier meals
  • Oven safe up to 1200F
  • Induction compatible
  • Made in France
  • Dimensions: 21.5" long with handle, 12.5" diameter, 3.75" depth
  • Requires seasoning
  • Recommend hand wash only