Journey Air Dog Harness Chili Red/Charcoal XS

Model Number:
1.00 lbs

  • A dog harness built for active dogs that like to be outdoors running and hiking with people
  • Specifically designed for activities where the dog will be in front of you
  • Breathable design with a stylish deep V-neck and broad padded chest plate
  • This helps reduce strain on the neck and allows the shoulders freedom of movement
  • Aluminum plastic buckles are light weight and rust resistant
  • Plastic quick release buckles on the chest strap make it easy to put the harness on and take off
  • 4 Simple adjustment points provides a near custom fit
  • Convenient back handle gives more control over your dog or assist them around obstacles
  • Reflective trim on the harness helps keep them in sight even in low light conditions
  • Machine washable
  • X-Small harness
  • Neck size: 9-13"
  • Chest size: 12-18"
  • Weight: 5-10lbs