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  • Premium Wake Up Light w/ Sunrise Simulation[HF3520-60]

    Premium Wake Up Light w/ Sunrise Simulation
    This item is available for decoration
    Premium Wake Up Light w/ Sunrise Simulation by Philips



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    • Description
      • Wakes you up more naturally and also helps improve your mood
      • Light gradually increases within 30 minutes from soft morning red to orange and bright yellow
      • 5 Wake Up sounds: Bird song, Birds in forest, Zen garden, Gentle piano and Seaside sounds
      • Wake up to FM radio
      • Display adjusts itself to room brightness
      • Tap anywhere on the wake-up light for snooze
      • 9-Minute snooze duration
      • Clinically proven to work
      • Sunset simulation is a light therapy used to help body fall asleep
      • 20 Brightness settings and set up to 300 lux
      • Sunrise simulation adjustable 20 to 40 minutes
      • UV-Free light
      • 12W Power output adapter
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