Sleepybo Pillow w/ Turquoise Pillowcase

Model Number:
5.00 lbs

Sleepybo Sleeping Pillow
  • Sleepybo is an ultra-supportive and comfortable pillow
  • Uses Yogibo patented Fibead filling for a head cradling gel feel
  • Completely conforms to your neck no matter what position you sleep in
  • Each side provides different levels of firmness and temperature
  • Fibeads - special blend of micro beads and polyester fibers
  • Dimensions: 27”W x 18”H
Sleepybo Pillowcase Dark Gray
  • A soft replacement pillow case cover to help you sleep comfortably at night
  • Made out of a soft cotton/polyester blend
  • Wash delicate tumble dry low
  • Comes with a small storage pouch
  • Store the pillow case in the pouch to keep it clean between uses